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URL Rating (UR) On Ahrefs - Only with DR, UR is a metric used to measure how strong the link profile that is owned by each specific URL and how likely it is that it has to get a high rank on SERP. 

Just like the DR, UR calculations also use logarithmic scales that range from about one to 100. The higher the UR value you have, the more likely the link profile will be owned by the number of times the top appears.


ng is used to measure how strong a link profile is KNOWN URL RATING (UR) ON AHREFS
Rating URL on AHrefs

In general, the calculation of the UR value of a specific page links the rating score of the pages linked to it. 

However, the links included in the calculation are only those included in the DoFollow group. So, your UR value will be influenced by the UR that is owned by the pages that you link to.

On the other hand, the value of the UR that you have even may affect the UR of the pages that you link to. 

For example, you have a page with a UR value of 80 and you include 10 external links in it. 

Now, each of the links pages will get an impact from your page for the value of your UR divided by the number of links that exist.

That is, the more you include an external link in a specific page, the smaller the impact you will give to the page from the external link.

This is not like you won't be able to include lots of external links in your specific page. 

However, make sure that every external link that you link to has a good UR value, because the UR value will also affect your UR. 

On the other hand, you also still need to remember that it requires a lot of external links on a specific page to actually throw the performance of that page.

Even related to this metric, you need to know that even if it sounds similar, UR is not an accurate substitute for Google's PageRank (PR) metric. 

Because, after all, the two are not the same metric. The same thing also applies to the relationship between the UR with the Page Authority that was developed by Moz.

In connection with this, initially, the UR was developed and launched by Ahrefs by using a formula that resembles PR. 

But now, UR has an algorithm that is different from homework. Even so, the UR metric that has the best correlation with PR compared with some other metrics that were developed by Ahrefs. So, you don't need to doubt the level of accuracy.

That's about the basic things you need to know about the Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR). 

The use of these two metrics can be used to determine the development of your blog, because DR and UR are able to measure the popularity of links that are owned by your blog site and along with the pages as well. 

After these results, you will be able to know where your blog's popularity is compared to other sites, so you will be able to determine whether you need to design new strategies for developing your blog and ways such as those that need to be taken.

Both DR and UR are not official metrics issued by Google. But with a high level of correlation, both of you can make references to make your blog more advanced to meet success.


The second thing that you also need to know is that the scale is not in the form of a Linear UR of 80 or 90.

As much as you play Pointblank, Dаrі Skulls to V1 rank is certainly easier than Major Kе Star rankings.

So in general this UR will only count DoFollow backlinks.

So, if your website has a large UR, this is because the Backlink is given to your website where the backlink has a high UR.

Cоntоh: If you have website A, then because your website is considered a quality website that has a high enough URL Backlink, then when Website B gives you a backlink, the UR on your website will increase / increase.

4 violations cause android apps to be removed suspend from Playstore

4 violations that cause Android applications to be removed suspend from Playstore - To get income online according to Google, there are 3 ways that are generally done, namely, as a blogger, as a YouTuber and become an Android application developer.

To get income online as a developer of Android implementation, it turns out that it is not easy, the most important thing that we must pay attention to when we have been accepted as a Google publisher and we are obliged to obey Google policies, so we do not trust them according to their policies. receive penalties, both suspend and disable the publisher account that we have.

This also happened to me, because I myself am a newcomer in the world of Android applications, there are a lot of different policies for some of the policies I get as I don't get the experience, I just understand, even though I understand it, I will understand, even though I get the experience, as I get it, I will understand. as long as a publisher goole developer.

4 violations cause android apps to be removed suspend from the playstore

Departing from experience as a developer of Android applications, related to policy violations, until now I have experienced 2 application deletions because it is considered to violate policy, the first implementation was deleted according to the Play Store, but the responsibility of all my applications was deleted by Google, but in the end it was deleted in the end. able to be returned as well as thanks alhamdulilah if behind aired for example, was available at the time.

And the second to experience the removal of the application. for the second this is a fortunately just 1 application, it will be a pity that the implementation of the earlier seems not likely to be returned again because the terms of the appealing are relatively difficult.

Elimination of mandatory implementation is very, very high attention because often it happens once the cause is too bad (hopefully this will happen).

The cause of the android application that was deleted by Google was a playstore

Maybe my experience is also adding facts to you, and for those who are the first to plunge into the world of android application development like me, so you just know what to do and which should be avoided.

Some of the causes of why the implementation of Android was removed according to PlayStore:

1. The application is free with a privacy policy link.

When we will upload an android application to Google developer, then we will be asked to fill in the privacy policy link for the application that was uploaded earlier, it will remain optional (it can be included at a time when it is also able)

The link that goes to the privacy policy page is when we make it on the blogspot page or blog domain directly that we have, the url that goes to the privacy policy page must be inputted on the Google developer upload form and we have to put it wrong in one page of the activity page that we have. we make either a link or button.

Because of lack of experience, from the beginning I uploaded an android application on Google developers, one did not have it equipped with a privacy policy page because it was lazy to make it and I considered the data to be optional in nature (not important).
But over time, there may be a change in Google Play Developer's policy, in the end my application is completely removed from Google, the reason is because the implementation is not complete with a privacy policy page.

But fortunately the application that was deleted but everything was returned and normal as before. To restore the conditions turned out to be quite easy, I was only asked to install a privacy policy link on the Google Developer account and also in each of the applications that were removed.

make sure every application that we upload on the Google Play Developer has been equipped with a privacy policy link, so don't forget to upload it on the Google developer, the URL that goes to the privacy policy page is entered.

We can create a privacy policy page on the site // app- privacy- policy-generator.firebaseapp.com / after copying the privacy policy that has been formed on this page, then post it on our blog page, we will use the url on the implementation and also on the upload privacy form. google developer.

2. Installing links in applications leading to other implementations

The second cause of creating Android applications that we upload to the Google Play Developer to delete the Google is, install the link or button when clicked to another Android application page that we have previously uploaded to the same Google Play Developer account.

I used to use this method as a way to promote other android applications that have been previously uploaded, so we can recommend or introduce users to other implementations that are capable of downloading and installing on their devices.

Initially this way is just the case, even though I myself have been outdated enough to let it go, there are no notifications or warnings of any kind, but with the current and growing popularity of applications, it turns out that this is a form of violation with reasons to abuse Google products.

I finally got an e-mail, for example, which is equipped with a screenshot of the intended abuse:

GOOGLE PLAY ELIMINATION: Non-AdMob publishers are permitted to abuse or promote the abuse of Google products, such as Google Play, YouTube, or Blogger. This includes avoiding, or providing ways to circumvent the policies or requirements of such products or other Google products, for example by allowing users to download YouTube videos.

If your application is removed due to Google Play's policy enforcement, please contact Google Play regarding application removal here. If Google Play reactivates your application, submit an appeal to our team.

Be sure not to put any links in the implementation that lead to other applications for whatever purpose. So at the beginning, it will be considered as a problem, resulting in the removal of Android as a matter of playstore.

3. Create an Application Title and package name containing the name or term that is copyrighted.

For this case previously, I myself did not understand, because I am a beginner and do not know much about the terms of the Google Play policy, so as a result there are some implementations of me for using the term or word as a name.

Example: Game Puzzle Elsa Frozen.
If it is seen that there are no errors using the title, the title has been received, but it was observed that the title of the implementation of the android was very dangerous and was able to create an Android application and was removed from Google.
The reason is because the title contains the term Frozen, where the term was a title of a film that already has a patent.

I deliberately created an implementation with the title added using the icon using the image of a frozen movie character, because the film was very popular.
And sure enough, nir need to wait a long time, less than one month the application has received thousands of downloads more than every day with graphics that continue to climb, so that the application is relatively poly contributing dollars.

When the implementation was not yet well-known, there were no problems using the application, but due to the fact that its popularity was getting better, I finally received a warning notification that the implementation was deleted because it was considered to violate the policy.

For this problem, I received an email warning message that some Google Play uses the following contents:

Hi Developers at Jamparing xxx,
After review, Game Puzzle Elsa Frozen, com.jamparing.gamepuzzlefrozen, has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy.

Next Steps
    Read through the Impersonation article for more details and examples of policy violations.
    Make sure your app is compliant with the Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy and all other policies listed in the Developer Program Policies. Remember additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy issues with your apps.

    Sign in to your Play Console and submit the policy compliant app using a new package name and a new app name.

What if I have permission to use the content?
Contact our support team to provide a justification for its use. Justification may include providing proof that you are authorized to use the content in your app or some other sah justification.

Additional suspensions of any nature may result in the termination of your developer account, and investigation and possible termination of related Google accounts. If your account is terminated, payments will cease and Google may recover the proceeds of any past sales and/or the cost of any associated fees (such as chargebacks and transaction fees) from you.

If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel this suspension may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team. One of my colleagues will get back to you within dua business days.

The Google Play Review Team

Make sure when we upload the application do not use titles that contain names or words that have copyright, for example, contain the names of super hero characters, or the names of cartoon characters, movie titles and other similar things.

At the beginning there will not be any problems, even the application will be escaped and allowed to publish, but along with the polarity of the android application that you created, your implementation will eventually be removed because it is believed to violate the policy.

Make sure also the package name does not contain the above, also the implementation icon, try not to contain things that are the abuse of copyrighted products.

4. Placing interstitial ads that violates policies.
In the implementation of Android we are able to install 3 types of advertisements, which are benner, interstitial, and rewarded video ads.

For insterstitial ads, make sure they do not violate placement policies, understand that how to properly install interstitial ads and not violate policies, because placing interstitial ads is incorrectly wrong as it makes the application suspended and removed by Google.
That is what matters about android applications that could lead to the android implementation being removed by google.

As the publisher of Android implementation, we should always understand and comply with all Google policies, because if our Android application is not removed and if the violation is considered severe and repeated, it can be that the developer account that we have deactivated.


4 The reason why our AdMob account is banned or deactivated by Google - Admob is certainly among the developers of Android applications is not a thing that is foreign, Admob is only available for example adsense, adsense, but adsense management for ad blogging content for admob interim blogging by Google. Manage and monitor advertisements installed on Android applications.

Before the Android implementation that we develop as we advertise, we must have an AdMob account, with an AdMob account, then we make the ad unit code to be installed in the Android application so that we also sell adverts directly and advertise with our adverts with the ad installs as we install. in the application that we made.

But not far from the same adsense, playing admob must always be careful, because admob also has policies that we must obey, if there are policies that are non-compliant with what we do, then it will threaten the admin account that we have, because it will be suspended (if we are suspended) ) or even disable the admob account that we have.

Of course deactivation of the AdMob account will be a disaster for us to be developers of Android implementation, as it will be very difficult to get a new AdMob account with our biodata with the same, adverts that are installed in the Android application that we have for the future will not appear directly or will have an indirect impact on and also have an impact on the non-direct and non-direct impact on our biodata loss of income according to the android application that we have developed.

Even though Google has explained it more clearly about admob policies, sometimes we become developers before knowing everything even before we understand it using clear, as a result sometimes we don't intentionally commit violations that may threaten our admob account.


Therefore, for us to become developers of Android implementation, it would be better to know AdMob policies and also be able to avoid things that can make our AdMob accounts banned or deactivated.

The reason why our admob account is banned or deactivated by Google?

To put the facts that are useful for you, it is recommended that you are a beginner admob player, including things that can result in an admob account being banned or deactivated by Google, which you must avoid:

1. Advertisements that are in accordance or out of sync policy

Installing admob ads on the implementation of android is impractical, tіdаk may violate admob ad install policy.

If the ads are installed without synchronization policies, then the ads will generally be disabled, and if the deactivation of AdMob ads is currently occurring, then it does not close the possibility of creating an AdMob account and will also be deactivated.

Some of the admob ad placement policies are mandatory:

clans may not be placed close to or located on buttons or other objects which may possibly place adverts as disturbing the normal relations of users with implementation or advertisements.

No advertisement may be placed in a location that covers or hides an area that the user is looking at during a normal relationship. No advertisement may be placed in the area that will be clicked in a random way by the user or the user's finger is touched on the screen.

Ads are prohibited from being placed on a 'dead end' screen. A method must be provided to exit multiple screens without clicking on the ad (for example, the 'back' or 'menu' button). 

If not, the user must be given an understanding of the primary screen buttons and the ways to get out of the implementation.

Non-advertisements may be placed on implementations that run in the background of the device or outside the application environment. Users must know to use clearly the implementation of which is associated with or in which the advertisement was applied. For example: advertisements displayed in widgets; ads that are launched before the application is opened or after the implementation is closed.

Ads may not be placed in ways that will prevent the delivery of core content. Non-advertisements may be placed in a way that interferes with browsing or interactions with core content and application functions. For example: Interstitial ads that are triggered every time a user clicks on the application.

Non-publishers are permitted to place ads on non-content-based pages such as thank you, error, login, or exit screens. The screen may be seen by visitors when launching the implementation, as soon as possible exits after the application, or after carrying out exclusive actions on the screen such as purchases or downloads.
Ads that are the primary emphasis on this type of screen can confuse visitors who will assume that the advertisement was the actual content, so do not place ads on the screen earlier.

2. Click on the ads yourself

The second reason is because you clicked on your own ads, both intentional and unintentional.
Clicking on the ad itself will be the most fatal violation and generally will be immediately dealt with using a firm alias banned, by whatever means and using whatever reason you should avoid to click on the ads themselves.

When this is possible we have heard the word tuyul admob, which creates an implementation that simply tricked Google into displaying advertisements, then being clicked on itself using PVN assistance, despite the fact that it deceived Google, the way it ended up in the past and was finally suspended or penalized and lasted for a long time and finally ended. on the admob account that we have, it might even be banned as well as on the adsen account.

By any means do not ever try to fool Google, because the tip will also be discovered anyway, especially Google is very vigorous after updating the system to detect frauds that can be detrimental to advertisers. If the fraudulent results after the admob account is banned, the income you will not get will be obtained, it will be in vain because it will be returned to the advertisers.

If this is conducive to playing, one of the ways is to play the mandate or white hat, create its own quality implementation and let it work naturally. Our job is to promote so that our implementation is well known and widely sold, with a large amount of income: D

3. While serving Admob ads during development.

Avoid to often display original AdMob ads when developing the recruitment of video or interstitial ads, this should be avoided for AdMob accounts that are only used once.

Because because of the ignorance of the developer, when the developer makes an Android application and implements AdMob ads in the implementation he made, the personal developer uses the original advertisements from his admob account.

As for the name of development, surely we will often review whether the ads are running either in sync or not, as a result, the adverts on the ads will not often appear and the impressions of the ads will be calculated by the admob, things like that will cause admin machine misinterpretations that make Google ads not uncommon and make the impression of the adverts will be counted by the admob, it does not seem to cause admin machine misinterpretation which makes Google adverbly rare. as well as lead to the banned of our admob account.

To avoid ad impressions and accidental clicks on the original AdMob ads during application development, try to use AdMob ads that have been provided by Google, as a result, even if there is an ad impression poly polygon and there will be a click that will impact anything on the AdMob account that we have.

After the implementation of our android is 100% fixed and ready to be launched, we are able to replace the trial ad code as it is with our original admob ad.

 4. The Android application is disabled or receives a penalty

Be careful in making android applications, you should avoid making the implementation of Android that is not synchronous with Google's policies, such as:

Cloning the implementation according to the implementation of Android that already exists, cloning will not make the application and clean 100%, if only the application is related to using the Firebase data of the original implementation, which will forget when you clean the application successfully, if it is changed. This will make your application easily detected by Google into the implementation of the results of the clone.

Creating applications that violate copyrights

Creating a package or title can include any copyrighted elements, such as using a movie title or a google product name. 

Must be avoided  Implementation content contains elements of copyright infringement that have been determined by Google. and other violations.

Applications that violate the policy, in the end will be disabled by the Google even though the application was getting a good rating and the number of downloads that are poly on Google Playstore.

If the application is deactivated, in the end we will also participate in disabling AdMob ads that we install on the application, even if the application is disabled poly can threaten the Google developer account that we have.

Also, the more disabled advertisement ads are due to violations in implementation, the worse the impact on the account we have and the banned.

Tips for playing Admob to be durable

The only way to play AdMob so that it lasts and is long-lasting is, after adhering to Google's policies, don't play dirty, you will definitely get a blessing from me, your business will only be for the short term, even though you will have new tricks, in the end it will be found out, as a matter of course, for the short term, you will only have a new trick. as a result, those who will seek to survive will be obsolete and will be in vain.

To create an Android application, there are many ways, the most important of which is that you understand the Java programming language for the Android framework, but you will not be able to modify the source code of other people by doing a skin re-skin so that it is not identical and is not trusted by Google.

As long as the application is believed to be unique and as long as you adhere to Google's policies, then revenue from admob or even will be able to be achieved in large amounts. The point is patience, keep trying and persevering, will definitely produce results.


This is the Blog Capacity Limit that you should know - This is the Blog Capacity Limit that you should know - There are a lot of blog service providers at this time, but of course the most popular is blogspot and wordpress, 

both are arguably the most popular platform in the internet world, both of which have advantages and disadvantages, only when this is itself a blogspot user, 

even though I don't know the specific reason why I chose blogspot, the reason I originally made a blog was just to be a fad, 

turned out to be known, and in his impression I realized it turned out that blogging had many benefits, after all the reason it was continuing to take care of the blog that was originally not interrupted.

Along with the many articles that I post, there are a few questions that cross my mind, the question is about the capacity of blogspot, from a lot of references that I get, it seems like I found the answer from one of the google articles about Limit on Blogger, on the full article about discussing it, I get the impression I found the answer from one of the google articles about Limit on Blogger, on the complete article, I discussed it in full. and quite frankly regarding blogspot boundaries.

The maximum capacity limit from blogspot

In this article, I will review again as described by Google, regarding the questions that relate to the limits of blogspot capacity, as follows:

1. Number of blogs in one account?

So many people know that we are able to create lots of blogs with only one blogspot account, but whether you know the maximum number of blogs that we are able to create in one blogspot account ?, 

As a reference from Google, it turns out that we are only allowed to create blogs with no more than 100 blogs in one account, if we want more, we have to create another blog account that we create a blog with with a maximum number of 100 blogs. But if there are 100 blogs, there is nothing that is better to use to delete the blog. 

Please read: How to delete a blog easily and quickly

2. Number of Articles in 1 blog?

For the number of Google articles itself, there is no limit, which means we can make as many articles as possible with no limits, like articles that will be stored on the blog account concerned, whether it's an article that may be in the form of a draft or an article that has been published. so we are able to make as many articles as possible without certain limitations.

3. Number of comments for 1 post?

One article posting is able to have more than 1 comment, even if the number is able to depend a lot on the popularity of the article, according to Google the number of comments in an article is not limited, no matter how many comments Google will save it for there are no comment constraints.

4. Space for drawing capacity?

The number of images that can be accommodated in one blog account is limited to 1 GB of total capacity, but if the capacity limit has run out, you are able to use the Google Plush service or Google Drive, at least you will receive 15 GB of appendage free of charge from the service.

5. Image Size?

For image sizes that are uploaded when we use a computer, the capacity of images that can be uploaded is not limited, but when using a cellphone or mobile device, the capacity of the image that is uploaded is limited to 250K per picture.

6. Team Member?

Sometimes 1 blog can be managed by more than one person, but there are approximately 100 maximum capacity limits for people who are able to join to become an author for 1 blogspot account ?, Some of the info is from Google, the team limit is 100 people for each blog. 

7. Number of Labels?

When we create articles, labels are usually used to categorize articles that we create so that they can be structured, according to Google, the number of labels that we are able to create for one blog with 2000 labels, while at the same time posting articles that can have or involve up to 20 categories.

8. Number of Character Description Blog?

Descriptions in general explain briefly about the blog and the contents of the blog, in describing the blog, of course there are special rules regarding the number of characters in the description, for the number of scripts the blog description will only be with 500 characters.

9. Page Size

The page size is limited to 1M only for every page, but we should be cautious when the number of posts is so large that it is able to suggest the size of the main page of your blog (Homepage), so we should be cautious when the number of posts is so large that it is able to suggest the size of the main page of your blog (Homepage). to swell, if the capacity of 1 page is more than 1M then there will be a warning "006 Please contact Blogger Support."

With information that is able to share to you about the Blog Capacity Limit you must know, so that this article is useful.


Is that a good bounce rate? Is it 10%, 25%, 75%, or 100%? And of course you already know what is meant by the bounce rate? This paper is only for the continuation of the previous article about this bounce rate or bounce rate. 

If it is seen only from the definition, ordinary people can say that the lower the bounce rate, the better. Is that opinion correct? The explanation can be quite long, but the short answer will be that this will also not.


 the lower the bounce rate the better WHAT IS THE BOUCE RATE VALUE FOR OUR BLOG
bounce rate
One thing that we need to understand about the bounce ratio is that it is only a statistic. This is not like the scores in an exam where the higher the score the better or vice versa. The bounce rate alone is nothing. Before making conclusions, the bounce rate is good or not, we need to know in advance what the goals are on the website.


Ideally, every page of our website has all the goals that are achieved. For example, to provide important information to its readers, to display sponsored advertisements, or display a product that we sell. 

And whether the bounce rate is good or will not be related to the purpose of the website page. Goal from our website pages is the first thing we need to understand before doing any other web analytics activities. And actually, a good bounce rate will bring us closer to the purpose of the website.

I will provide an example so that we can more clearly understand the connection between the bounce rate and the purpose of the website. For example, we set up an online store that aims to collect purchases online. Can I conclude that the bounce rate is 90%? For example, we say that a bounce rate of 90% is relatively not good. Why is that?

 In an online store (which is really an online shop), every booking that enters requires a number of pages to pass. Visitors must first open the product page, then add it to the 'cart', then to the checkout page, and proceed to the payment page. 

If all visitors pass through this process, then our website's bounce rate will be 0% because there are no visitors who "bounce" (bounced). Why is 90% not good? Because this is most of the visitors do not place an order. Instead of being at the checkout stage, clicking on the "Add to Cart" button or seeing other products we offer, they don't want to.

As a comparison that contrasts, I also provide a condition where a bounce rate of 90% is very good. Suppose you are an AC service provider that has a website to promote these services. If the goal is to provide a telephone number and website visitors who come are expected to call right away, of course a bounce rate of 90% is good if on the page he visits in that there is also our telephone number. 

This means that visitors do not need to open another page to get a contact number and contact us. If that happens, a high bounce rate but it's a good sign for our website. On the other hand, for example, it turns out that the bounce rate is only 10%, that's not good. 

As a low bounce rate is obtained because visitors who are confused do not immediately get our telephone number so they have to spin first on our website. If it happens, of course there is a mistake with the website and we need a web ux designer to fix it.

Of 2, by contrast in the above, of course we have understood when the bounce rate can be said to be good or not. The bounce rate is usually said to be good and also bad depending on the website. 

The 30% figure is called a bounce rate which is good for a website, but certainly does not apply to other websites. We need to relate it to the purpose of the existing webpage. 

But keep in mind too, even if it is linked, the bounce rate does not guarantee whether the website's objectives are achieved. That's just one indicator that only affects it. If you are interested, it will only read the writing that discusses the main data of our website that should be measured.